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SnowworkersWebsite Design & Development

  • Snowworkers home page

    Snowworkers home page

  • Snowworkers job listings

    Snowworkers job listings

  • Snowworkers google maps

    Snowworkers google maps

  • Snowworkers news aggregation page

    Snowworkers news aggregation page

  • Snowworkers application management

    Snowworkers application management

Description is the brain child of Mountain Design Lab. We created this full featured job board from the ground up to support the ski and snowboard industry. Complete with resume bank, application management, resort wiki, and e-commerce.


  • Drupal CMS
  • Custom Site Design and Layout
  • Job application management & workflow
  • Automatic newsletter generation & phpList integration
  • Custom google maps integration
  • Industry news aggregator
  • Email application alerts
  • PDF application generator